1) Mount Saint Vincent University
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
Mount Saint Vincent University is committed to offering superior educational experiences for international students. We have students from over 50 countries on our campus at Halifax - Nova Scotia. We are primarily a public university located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and was established in 1873 Key Points: Each year, hundreds of students benefit from more than $1.9 million in scholarships and bursaries associated with the Mount. Average class size of 20 - nationally recognized as being among the lowest in Canada Faculty-to-Student Ratio of 1:20 90% satisfaction with the quality of teaching, 99% satisfaction with class size and 94% satisfaction with the accessibility of professors (2016 survey of graduating students) Offers only Masters of Public Relations program in Canada Offers only Bachelor of Science in Communications Studies in Canada Internship & professional placements Fees is comparatively low Accommodation - guaranteed for every international student Application Fees: For UG Program: CAD$40 For Graduate: CAD$50 Academic requirement: Undergraduate/ Diploma programs - minimum 60% , and in top 4 majors it must be not less than 50% . Masters programs - overall score must be 60%. IELTS requirement: UG/Diplomas Courses - 6.5 Bands no band less than 6.0 each Master Courses - 7.0 Bands no band less than 6.5 TOEFL - IBT score between 86 to 92. We also accept students to the Bridging University program with IELTS score of 6.0/5.5 bands and academic foundation program with IELTS score of 5.5/5.0. The Fee for each of this program is approximately 4000 CAD. A student with 5.5/5.0 will have to go through the academic foundation and then university bridging program to start the main program. -MSVU accepts study gap (CV should be sent with the documents for such students) and also accepts open school and distance education if the school or university is well recognized.
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
WHY STUDY IN ITALY: · Italy has played an important role in European higher education · it is one of the four countries that first engaged to create the so-called "European Area of Higher Education" · Today Italy ranks among the 8 most industrialized countries in the world. · Many Italian universities exempt Indian students from attending IELTS/TOEFL. · Italian universities have a strong relationship with industry and the programs are designed in collaboration with companies operating in the same sector · Italy has 27 universities ranked among world top 400 in the latest ranking list compiled by Webometrics. (Lists are Subject to Change) · All International students are entitled to access the student services as Italian students. This also applied to student loans, scholarships, and housing assistance. · Every year 40000 international students head for Italy to enjoy one of the most unique HIGHLIGHTS · Scholarship / Internship up-to 2500 Euros · Assured admissions · No Tuition fees / Nominal Tuition Fee · No Personal Visa Interview · No IELTS /TOFEL Required · High Admission Chance FEATURES · Final year Students can also apply · Study @ world most prestigious University below 100 ranking Universities · Wide range of Masters / Bachelors Program available · 15 years of education acceptable for Masters Programmes
3) University of Regina
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
The UR International department offers the “University of Regina International Entrance Scholarship” for which students who have an entrance average of 85% or higher will receive either 3000 CAD towards their tuition fees or 8 months of free residence on campus. (See attached image) We would like to inform that the 8 months of free residence can only be claimed if the eligible student starts their program in the Fall semester (September). Eligible students starting their programs in the Winter (January) and Spring/Summer (May) semesters can only opt for the 3000 CAD in tuition reimbursement.
4) Midstate College
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
Midstate College in Peoria, Illinois, USA. Midstate College is a regionally accredited US higher education institution and one of the oldest private colleges in the USA, established in 1888. We have homeland security clearance and can take qualified international students. Our programs are offered on a quarterly basis, which means we can take students on a regular basis. We offer Masters (MBA), Bachelors (BBA, BS, BS IT, finance/accounting, etc.), Associate Degrees and Diploma programs. Midstate College has been in operation for over 131 years, as previously mentioned, however only just recently we have launched a program seeking international students. We have two excellent options for graduates with a nursing qualification and graduates with a medical doctor's qualification as follows: For Nurses: We would like to highlight our Bachelor's Degree (BS) in Health Care Management program; we are seeking qualified international nurses (nurses with BSc/BS Degree and GNM Diploma holders). We have structured our program to allow BSc nurse candidates to complete this program in 12 months’ time, as a transfer student. The fee for this program is only US$16,500. [Our normal fee is US$22,500 but we are US$6,000 scholarship for this program]. For the GNM nurses, it will take 18 months’ to complete our BS Degree in Health Service Management program because they need additional credits to complete this degree. Please see our attached brochure for additional details. The fee for GNM nurse is US$16,500 for the first year months of study. For the second part of the studies (6 months), the fee is US$8,000. We are also offering free NCLEX RN training (value US$6,500) as an optional program, which is offered in parallel with the regular academic program. Upon completion of their program graduates can obtain a temporary work permit as per the US Immigration policy and gain employment in the US as an RN or in the Health Care management field due to our campus recruitment program. (We are associated with a nurse recruitment organization, which will assist our graduates to gain employment after they complete their degree. There are standard fees charged for this service.) Please find the attached brochure. For Doctors: We are offering an MBA with courses being offering in Health Service Management. Our usual fee for the MBA is US$32,500 and we are currently offering a US$5,000 scholarship for international students. So the actual fee now is only US$27,500. Critical for doctors we are also offering the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) step 1 and step 2 training. This is being provided at no cost (a US$16,500 value). After completion of the MBA, they will be in the same strong position of the nurses to gain employment, in that they'll have their medical qualification, an American MBA and the necessary US Medical Conversion license. They will also have the one-year work permit that comes with the student visa. They can, therefore, obtain a job in the US and continue to work there, for their US medical license. Please find the attached brochure. American Medical Academy (AMA) is Midstate College’s Strategic business partner and responsible for the all international student enrolment and we are jointly offering these programs. We would like to work with you and we are offering excellent commissions and incentives. For nurses, we offer US$2,000 commission/fee per nurse. For doctors, we offer US$3,000 commission/fee per doctor. If you give us 25 or more candidates for each quarter, we are also offering an additional US$400 per candidate as a bonus. We offer excellent commissions for other degree programs as well. However, we are currently focusing on the niche of nurse and doctor graduates. We can provide you with additional commission structures for other programs based on your interest. This presents an excellent opportunity for you and your company and of course your students. We are happy to answer any questions you have, to liaise with you to clarify any area that you would like further details on. We are available on Skype for face to face meetings (and will coordinate the time taking into consideration the time difference) and of course, will be happy to answer email and phone queries as well.
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
The University of Northern British Columbia is a public research-intensive university; the main campus is located at Prince George, British Columbia which has a world-class education and flexible learning opportunities. Northern BC communities offer a high quality of life, affordable cost-of-living, and modern amenities. Graduates will have exceptional access to different industries and plenty of co-op opportunities. Check the program-wise links to know more about the specializations.? 1. Bachelor of Science: https://www.unbc.ca/calendar/undergraduate/degrees#BSc 2. Bachelor of Commerce: https://www.unbc.ca/calendar/undergraduate/degrees#BComm 3. Bachelor of Arts: https://www.unbc.ca/calendar/undergraduate/degrees#BA ACCEPTING GRADE 12 PREDICTED SCORES APPLICATIONS 1000 CAD ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Why the University of Northern British Columbia? * UNBC has been ranked in the top three in Primarily Undergraduate category for 10 straight years by Maclean's Magazine.https://www.macleans.ca/education/university-rankings/university-rankings-2019-canadas-top-primarily-undergraduate-schools/ * Canada's Green University, leading the way to a more sustainable future for all. * Get the offer letters in just 10 business days* * Entrance Scholarship opportunities for Bachelor Students. * Co-op available for Bachelor programs. * Opportunity to participate in the Job fairs conducted in January & September. * University is located in British Columbia which is the province with the highest employment ratio (95%) Admission Requirements: Grade 12 qualified students: 1. 55% & above in core subjects 2. IELTS 6.5 not less than 6.0 Grade 12 students with predicted scores: 1. Grade 11 scores card with 60 not less than 60 in core subjects. 2. Grade 12 predicted scorecard 3. IELTS 6.5 not less than 6.0 APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. An application fee of CAD 125 (non- refundable) is required. 2. Scanned copies of original documents suffice for the application. 3. Filled Application form (Attached ) 4. Passport Copy - (Address Page & Photo Page) 5. IELTS scorecard 6. Grade 10 scorecard 7. Grade 12 scorecard
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