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Europe-100% scholarship study abroad-Easy journey- average grades. US scholarship GRE/IELTS/SAT/Previous study criteria. E-visa rigrous guidance raise the chances.

Study Metro study abroad admission guidance is top among many consultants. We believe in nourishing & nurturing instead of spoon feeding. SOP/Essays top level guidance where you could be your own author. Right way on right time could lead you to high level of success.

Study Metro help student to make the best career choice. We help you to choose the right course in the right university. Keeping in view the student profile and the professional market scenario Our Expert provides in-depth personal guidance to help student in choosing the right course in the university according to his/her profile, financial requirements.

We also help the student make right career choices. In addition, we help the student set career goals and plan a career path that has a higher predictability of career success.

We give special attention to the students application, highlighting the essential to present a good application and help you to get best program and university for your career

  • Internships/ Job Assistance
  • Assistance in Visa Documentation and Mock Visa interviews.
  • Assistance in securing Educational loans.
  • Assistance in Documentation for Admission
  • Identification of Universities and Colleges
  • Accommodation and Airport Pickup
  • Scholarship
  • Application processing and follow up.
  • Selection of appropriate course as well as country.

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